Michelle Thong Smith  Dip. Raynor Massage,                       Cert IV Fitness, Cert. Yoga Teaching 

Michelle was born in Malaysia, and in 1996 she migrated to New Zealand pursuing her degree in Bachelor of Communications in Auckland University of Technology.  During her study in the university, she stumbled a book in Yoga, and she was very interested in Yoga since.  Instead of pursuing her career in public relations, Michelle continued her study in yoga.  In 1999 Michelle received her one-year certificate in Yoga Teaching from the New Zealand School of Yoga.  


Michelle opened a yoga studio and had been teaching yoga full time in Auckland NZ since 1999 to 2007.  She moved to Australia in 2008 and completed a diploma in Raynor Massage.  Michelle has been working as a yoga teacher and massage therapist.  She also completed her Cert IV in Fitness in 2017.  With her knowledge of massage, modern and ancient ways of working out, Michelle helps others to achieve good health through exercises, movements and Raynor Naturopathic Massage. 


Raynor Naturopathic Massage is a holistic system of bodywork developed by Naturopath Brandon Raynor. Its origins are in Ayurvedic Massage, Chinese Medicine, reflexology, Shiatsu and yoga breathe work. There is a special emphasis on the Eastern medical theory that the physical body is a gross manifestation of a subtle body composed of a life force (chi or prana), emotions and other subtle energies, and that each are related and have an effect on each other. Physical or emotional stressors can lead to a blockage or disruption in the flow of chi or prana can cause bones to shift out of place or create tension in the body.


Most tension exists along bands in the body that are composed of muscles, tendons, ligaments and other body tissues. Underlying these physical manifestations of the bands are subtle energy systems similar to Meridians in Chinese Medicine, Sen lines in Thai Massage, or nadis in Ayurvedic Massage. Knowledge and techniques gleaned from these ancient modalities were then integrated and evolved to form the Raynor Band Theory along with its unique set of techniques, adjustments, stretches and rhythm. While Raynor Naturopathic Massage Bands may overlap with some of these, the distinguishing feature of Raynor Bands is they can be physically traced and often seen within the body.


The primary goal of Raynor Naturopathic Massage is to relieve a person of residual tension, muscle tightness in an area of the body when the body is at rest, and return the body to its natural state of relaxation. The word “relax” literally means to bring back to a state of looseness. “Re” means to bring back to and “lax” means loose, whereby Raynor massage is actually a form of deep relaxation massage. In addition, we believe that massage should not be performed in a routine manner, as each client has their own specific treatment needs.


This is why the development of one’s sense of touch and intuition is equally important in Raynor Naturopathic Massage in order to properly diagnose and treat a client. It also concentrates on parts of the body that are often neglected by traditional massage therapists, such as the abdomen, sacrum, hips, feet, hands and head. These areas tend to hold a lot of stagnation and blockage of the life force and freeing them up will generally have a great benefit not just to the areas concerned but to the whole being.



Michelle is available:     

Monday and Wednesday (9.00 - 18.00) 


Call 9482 8113 to make a booking.