Jane Murphy RN, CM

  I am a mother of three young adults, a Registered nurse and midwife of over 25 years and work at a local hospital as well as working as a Bowen Therapist at Hornsby Health Centre. I have been interested in studying natural therapies for many years, starting my journey as a young mother of two children with learning difficulties, searching for an effective modality to help with their learning problems.


  My path of learning started with a sound knowledge of Touch For Health Kinesiology, followed by learning Neural Organisation Technique (NOT) Kinesiology, which I found had a profound effect on my children. s ability to learn by balancing the chi energies in their brain and bodies. I came to the understanding that all illness and disharmony in the body first occurs at the mental, emotional and spiritual levels before manifesting at the physical level, therefore realising how our thoughts and emotions affect our physical health.


  I also have a deep interest in Midwifery and babies and did a Reflexology course for midwives, followed by courses in Reflexology at Nature Care College to enhance my understanding and knowledge. While studying at NCC, I became interested in spiritual and energetic healing and so completed my diploma in Energetic Healing and as part of the diploma did courses in crystal therapy, Reiki and Angel Therapy, becoming a Reiki Master and an Angel Intuitive.


  At this time was also introduced to the benefits of Bowen Therapy by some of my fantastic teachers at college, and saw how it subtly addressed all levels of healing in the body with very gentle moves over the muscles and connective tissues of the body. It assists in the balancing and healing of all conditions in the body, by addressing the musculoskeletal framework, but also the fascia, nerves, internal organs, circulation, lymphatic drainage and digestion.


  In 2006 I was introduced to the Hornsby Health Centre, while completing my Bowen Certificate and am now working here as a practitioner while completing my Diploma in Bowen therapy.


  I am available on Wednesdays and on other days by appointment.


  Call 9482 8113 to make an appointment.