Jurek Browarzik BSc  Remedial Massage Therapist

Jurek Browarzik is a Massage Therapist and Sport Scientist. Originally from Germany, he grew up in a health conscious family who believe in alternative healing methods, e.g. massages, to support the body in the healing process.

Being always interested in helping other people plus his passion for sports and fitness, helped him with the decision to study "Sport and Health in Prevention and Therapy". His goal is to raise the awareness in as many people as possible to take care of their body and mind before health issues occur. In the end, prevention is always better and easier than cure. 


After finishing his Sport Science degree and working in the health industry for a couple of years, Jurek felt the urge to see the world and discover other healing therapies. His travels took him through many Asian countries that opened up his mind to other complementary medicine and let him deepen his interest in Massage. It was then that I made the decision to settle down in Sydney and study my "Diploma in Remedial Massage". After working as a Massage Therapist for a while, Jurek specialised in Remedial, Sports and Deep tissues massages to be able to help people with their body alignment. 


Furthermore, Jurek is a Personal Trainer and Relaxation Autogenic Training coach. He learned Autogenic Training when he was a teenager to help him deal with some personal issues in his life. Because it helped him to overcome a lot of suppressed emotions and get more in balance, he made the decision to become a coach to be able to help others on a deeper level. 

Developing himself plays a big part in Jurek's life so he is continuing to look for and learn other ways of healing to improve his skills and knowledge on a daily basis. He believes that the secret of a healthy and happy life lies in a balanced mind, body and spirit. Massage is a powerful tool to support the journey of gaining more life quality.

Jurek is available: Mon 9-12

                                Wed 9-7  

                                 Fri 9-7

                      and    Sat 9-12.


Please call on 94828113 to make an appointment.

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