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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is based on the premise that your subconscious mind – which stores your life experiences, your memories and controls your belief systems - is responsible for the automatically triggered actions and emotions that you suddenly experience upon facing certain situations. We start our therapy by first helping you to reach a certain state of mental and physical relaxation (trance). The second step is to then intuitively assess your problem and identify the root cause laying in your subconscious. Many times, this is something you have forgotten or have no idea about. Once the cause is unearthed, the third step is to resolve it.


Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in dealing with a range of issues, such as:
self-esteem and confidence, stress, anxiety, panic, depression, addiction, habitual behavior, trauma, eating disorders, anger, phobias, motivation, sleep disorders and many physiological problems.


 Fortunately, hypnotherapy can produce positive results in a relatively short period of time. So, people don't need to continue to deal with these situations alone.

Hornsby Health Centre has two hypnotherapists - Dr. George D Naike and Edward Zwickl.

For more information or to make a booking, please call on 94828113.

Book a Hypnotherapy  Treatment with:


Dr. George D. Naike Ph.D, MSc, BSc;Dip

Edward Zwickl BDip Ch, Dip Couns,  NLP Pract. RMASCH


 Call 9482 8113


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