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Remedial Massage

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Michelle Thong Smith

DIP Raynor Massage


Kosta Nikolovski Dip RM


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  Muscles do far more than allow us to pick things up. Our muscles allow us to stand, move and even breath. When our muscle function is compromised, this effects the function of the whole body, from range and ease of movement through to nerve and blood supply. This can cause pain, stiffness, digestive problems, headaches, a lowered immune system, mental stress and many other problems.


  Minor injuries, repetitive movements and poor posture can cause muscles to . lock up. so they never really relax. This causes opposing muscles to weaken and others to tighten up to compensate. This disrupts the function of the whole body.


  Muscles have a memory. This allows our bodies to adapt to our particular lifestyle. When the body operates in an incorrect manner the muscles remember this too. When this happens often enough or for long enough, the body can reprogram itself so the dysfunction becomes normal function and will return to that state at rest.


  Through Massage, stretching, strengthening, breathing and slight changes to the way we do things we can correct both short term and long term muscle dysfunction. Once proper function has been restored there will be improved health and wellbeing, vitality, movement and energy, relief of pain, stiffness and soreness.

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