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Sarah Knox  Reiki Master/Teacher


 Call 9482 8113



What is Reiki?


It is a profound spiritual energy that we all have within us to keep us alive.

It is a very powerful, natural system that unlocks the inner flow of vital energy restoring the energy systems in all living things.

Reiki can penetrate the whole body and give out a warm feeling of ‘letting go’.

It works on different levels of our being, i.e. mental, emotional, spiritual, physical.

Reiki works on a high vibration that is passed through the practitioner to the client.

If you are feeling low in energy, you will feel lethargic, negative and have no motivation.

If your energy is high, you will feel happy, enthusiastic, and vibrant.

Reiki is always positive and based on unconditional love - bringing balance, harmony and inner-peace.

When practicing Reiki, it becomes life-changing. It’s influence can help a person to rethink their thoughts and actions and look at life from a more positive perspective.

Reiki energy works on the Chakras and meridians of our body.

Reiki focuses on inner-awareness allowing all external stresses to dissipate.


There are endless benefits in practicing Reiki and many changes can occur over time: Here are just a few:

People pick up on the positive energy of Reiki, especially small children and animals who are very perceptive to the emanating energy.

Reiki releases pain and symptoms in the mind, body and spirit promoting healing wherever it’s needed.

Reiki works well with any medication, enhancing its effectiveness.

Reiki allows a sense of clarity, reassurance and an ability to develop personal and spiritual growth.

Reiki stimulates all the senses which helps us to recognise our direction and purpose in life.



The Reiki Student:

There are at least 3 Levels the Reiki student has to complete to become a practitioner then a Teacher/Master.

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