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Bowen Therapy (developed by the late Tom Bowen, from Geelong, Australia) is a gentle, non-invasive form of body work that assists the release and restoration of the fascia, which facilitates the body's own healing capabilities and works on multiple levels within the body including the physical, emotional and mental.


When injured, dehydrated, or stressed, fascia can tighten up or become "stuck" in places, causing limitations and painful mobility. Bowen therapy allows the body to shift from the "fight, flight and freeze" response to "rest, relax and repair".

By applying this gentle technique around various areas of the body, it is thought that the communication pathways to the body’s systems are activated allowing the body to move more into the parasympathetic state.

The Bowen treatment can be completed over light clothing (no jeans) and consists of a number of gentle moves with a minimum wait of 90 seconds. This wait time allows the body to integrate the messages given before continuing on with further moves. Depending on the client's needs and responses the treatment lasts between 15 minutes and an hour.


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